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Hi my name is Scooby and I am filling in for sunshiine today. After reading that Petcube was sponsoring the Grand prize in the pet contest and after reading a story about Kate Middleton sorely missing her dog Lupo, I knew I had to get into action and put my paws to the keyboard and started ibling. You can read the article here: . If the Duchess had known about Petcube; this story would have had a different ending. I hope my friends here will get the word to Lupo about Petcube so he won't be so sad when the royals are away.

When I was going to college with my best friend Wilbur; we lived in the middle of nowhere. I had an accident and broke my leg which caused my friend to worry about me while he was in school. Petcube would have helped Wilbur worry less and Scooby could have enjoyed more ice cream and comfort food as well. Licking now, just thinking about it.

My friend Wrangler uses Petcube to keep tabs on Roger who steals his horse cookies.With that said; I have become a Petcube supporter and have volunteers packing for the trip to the palace. This instructable will show you how to make Scooby snacks.

Candida recently posted an instructable on Turtle burgers but when I saw them they did not look like a burger to me! They looked like a pet birthday cake or pet snacks! I Made up a few but changed the recipe to suite my palate and others who share the same. I made some mini cakes so I could offer them to my guest when they arrived unexpectedly. Credit here:

Put on your chef hats and aprons and lets make a birthday cake and Scooby snacks.


Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Wilber orders healthy snacks for me every month from Amazon. I love the tuna because it is X loaded with Omega3 which is healthy for my coat and skin. Amos and his friends like the tuna inside the turtle better than the hamburger.


Choice of cooked meat hamburger, bacon, Wild planet tuna

Can of biscuits

Bacon grease

White or yellow cheese

Small turkey dogs


Paint brush, scissors, cookie cutters, birthday candles, chef hat, apron, cookie sheet, straw, chop stick, and food coloring.

Step 2: Shape the Hamburger and Cook

Wash paws and shape and cook the meat:

Step 3: Shape the Biscuits

Method: It is important to cut the biscuits while they are still warm.

Divide each biscuit dough in half.

Roll into small balls and slightly press down so they will be level when baked.

Bake 350 degrees F for about 12 minutes.

Remove from the oven and cool until you can handle them.

Carefully cut the biscuit so the bottom half is about 1/4 inch.

Cut a v shape like I have shown.

Remove most of the bread from the inside of the biscuit leaving the crust.

Poke a hole using a chop stick for the candle.

Step 4: Color the Biscuits

Method of coloring:

I added just a tad bit of brown food coloring in a bowl and wet my brush slightly to paint the bread.

I added more coloring if I needed it.

Step 5: Cutting and Coloring the Shapes

Head, legs and tail:

Hopefully you can see in the pictures how I cut the shapes from the cheese and hot dogs.

I made the heads from the hot dogs and the legs and tail from the cheese.

Then I painted them.

I placed the legs over a straw to form the shape of the legs and chilled them until they were firm.

I cut stars for the top of the buns but personally I liked the tops better plain and colored brown.

Step 6: Assemble


Smear a light coat of the bacon grease on the buns.

Arrange the tail, legs, and head into the bottom part of the bun.

Place the meat over the legs, I had to trim the hamburger because they were too large.

Place cheese over the meat if you like. Place the bun on top.

Stick a candle in the hole of the bun.

Step 7: Serve Eat Lick and Sleep

Light the candle and serve.

The gif image was made at picasion dot com.

Step 8: Scooby Supports a Cause

Sunshiine often mentions that she has learned so much more since she has become a member on instructables. I totally get it now that I have posted an instructable myself. Did you know that 40% of pet owners celebrate their pet's birthday? A turtle cake is a great way to celebrate your pet's birthday. If you are making snacks for everyday consumption, I would make mini hamburgers with a little bacon grease on them ,meat, and some cheese and put them in the refrigerator or freeze them after they are few days old.

Please join Scooby and help get this message to Prince William and the Dutchess of DIY!

If you would like to vote for my instructable please come back when the vote button is in the upper right hand corner, thanks.

Scooby thanks all of sunshine's visitors and wishing you and your pets a Happy Birthday!

Chef Scooby



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    2 years ago

    did he make that


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks peets! Scooby loves it, he carefully removes the top and licks the bun and pulls out the meat and eats it and then separates the next thing he thinks he would like until it is all gone. Thanks for commenting and do have a splendorous day!


    Coconut says:

    YUMMY. But since I can not wait for my birthday, can I ask my pupmom to make me one now? I think she might be able to make something this easy and wonderful. Thank you Scooby!

    1 reply

    My pleasure Coconut! You will love them. Much tastier than the store bought snacks. I love your fur and smile. Keep shining.



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job Sunshiine Scooby! This is very well documented, how did you manage to type with your paws and document an awesome 'Ible as this? :D

    Voted for you!

    *Nice apron also :-)

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    Yeah,you can relate at how hard it is to type! Scooby needs to invent something for dogs to type better, you never know, I might get a following who want to be an author.



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    Thanks hunter!

    That my lad was very difficult! It took a while but I finally managed. Thanks for your support!



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    Yeah, definitely worth it!! :D Congratulations on your first homepage feature Scooby :D :D


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    Oh annxtte so good you stopped by! Scooby wants to visit sometime. Woof woof.

    As sunshiine would say . . . I hope your day shines!