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Introduction: Pet ID Tag With Sugru

About: I love to stay home as much as as I love to travel, I've been to 49 states (missing Alaska) and 31 countries. I have two wiener dogs now and a cat. We all live together in a house in the woods. With no roaches.

I recently ditched my land line so had to change all the pet's ID tags to my cell phone number, plus my kitty Squid Bean, constantly looses his tag mysteriously in the night, I think the neighborhood is peppered with my old phone number and lots of nice collars. I loved ChrysN's Instrcuctable on how to make a pet tag so much, but I didn't have a toaster oven.

If you don't yet know about Sugru I will give you a little information here, otherwise move right along to the steps. So, Sugru is a really great new product made in London. It acts like sticky clay for a few minutes, then acts like clay for half hour or so, then it hardens and acts like rubber. In fact it is silicone rubber. The hardest thing about using it it to open the package and think what to do with it - once you do that though the ideas just keep coming. But don't open the package until you know what you want to do.

It bonds to itself, aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, leather and some plastics. Go to their website to find out how to buy it and for lots of great ideas on what to do with it at Sugru.

Step 1: Suppllies

Taxi Bean is a 40 pound dog, if you have a smaller dog just use a smaller size key ring. I used some old stirling silver rings that I was not wearing anymore to make smaller tags for my cat Squid Bean and my wiener dog Possum Bean. A photo of a smaller one is at the end of this Instructable.

I used metal stamping letters and numbers for the small tags to imprint into the Sugru the names and numbers. I thought by rubbing paint into the indentations that that would show up the information well. The paint turned the Sugru sort of grey though it did fill in the indentations nicely, I prefer the pencil poking method that I describe here. I show the tube of paint just in case you are thinking like I was.

Step 2: How Much Do You Need?

Step 3: Freezer Paper

Step 4: Poke a Hole

Step 5: Use Your Pencil

Just using your pencil poke, poke, poke, the information you want on your tag.

Step 6: Wait

Wait about 10 minutes before you try to carefully peel the tag from the freezer paper to make a design on the back. Then do so. If you peel too early and the front gets messed up, just roll it into a ball and start again. In 24 hours you are good to go. But realistically you have about 20 minutes to work on your project before the Sugru becomes too stiff. As you can see, the indentations on the back of the tag are not as deep as the front.

Step 7: Done

This one was made in a stirling silver ring I didn't wear anymore. I live in an area where we have to use the area code to make a local call so there was just enough room to squeeze all those numbers on the back. If you live in an area where you only dial 7 numbers you will have a lot more room.

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If you don't like the jingly sound your pet's tag(s) make, take a look at this 'ible on how to make quiet dog tags - also with Sugru!



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    But I'm long gone. Also I need to update this - this is a temporary fix. They fell out in about a year.

    Oy. Thanks for letting me know. I'm thinking clay polymer with epoxy might work with your method maybe?

    You need a form that has a back, not an open ring. You can use bottle tops or you can go to a store like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc., and they have blank circular forms with backs that you can use.

    I hate to buy stuff, maybe a bottle cap. As it is now I have sewn the dogs' collars with their phone numbers sewn on top.

    Sugru, meh. Go to and purchase one of their epoxy putties like RepairItQuik (other cool types - wood, metal, concrete, etc.- available too). You get 4 ounces of the putty (about 114 grams) for less than $6, compared to Sugru at $22 for 40 ounces (8-pack). In other words, the same amount of Sugru would cost you about $65.

    3 replies

    I agree! There are a variety of polymers and epoxies that you can use to do lots of the Sugru projects found here on Instructables - at a much lower cost.

    Good idea to make tag by using Sugru. Thanks for sharing :)

    I am sending this link to my daughter. She has Schnauzers. They are great dogs. I hope sugru will be more available in my area soon. Where are everyone buying it anyway?

    5 replies

    I think you have to order it from England. There is a link at the start of the 'ible so she will be able to find it. They got written up in Time or Newsweek as one of the cool new products of the year last year.

    I will have to wait because hubby won't let me order on-line. It won't be long because it is already is in demand. I love the dog tag though. It is much cuter than the store bought ones. This allows you to personalize it to fit their personality.

    Why can't you order on line? Is that a way to not buy so much stuff? Great idea if you live in a big city but horrible if you want the coolest fabrics from Cia's Fabrics which does not have a store.

    He is just playiong safe after my brother got hit on his bank account when he bought something online. I will have to check out this place though. I have not heard of them.