Pet Interactive Device

Introduction: Pet Interactive Device

Are your pets always caged when you are busy with your work? Are they more likely to become lazy without interaction with you?

Oh, no....This is not good.

So we designed this pet Interactive device named 'Hello Jerry".

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Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Schematic Circuit Diagram

This device is based on the Cherokee 4WD mobile robot platform. As we need to use many interfaces and bluetooth, we choose the Bluno Mega2560 controller.

Step 3: The Program Logic Diagram

During the design, we select the "GoBLE App"developed by DFrobot (a bluetooth 4.0 remote controller particularly designed for iOS devices) as the main controlling method.

Switch between the two modes (play mode, feeding mode) by clicking the "START" button. Under each mode, by adjusting your button, the device will display characterized functions such as laser pen interaction, feeding, mobile platform, call your master by MP3 and etc.

Step 4: Functional Diagram

Most of the function modules are made of 3D printings. The course attachment includes STL files from all the executive modules, readers who have interest can print by themselves.

Step 5: Core Functions

1. Flirting mode A: two degrees of freedom head laser emission device.

when you lie on the sofa,you can easily control the laser emission device on the platform by“GoBle”App to irradiate an agile red dot, so as to conduct an interesting interactive game with your pets. According to research, pets are irresistible to such moving red dot. Once it appears,your pets will enter into running mode.

Step 6: Core Funcion

2. Flirting mode B: Automatic throwing of pet cookies

There is a modular-designed catapult-launching equipment on the remote control platform which can throw pet cookies from height to make interaction with your pets.

Exercising your dogs and cats and shape their legs like Sylvester Stallone and waist like Marilyn Monroe.

Step 7: Core Function

3. Voice module:

Play the master's voice to call your pets, improve intimacy and interaction between your pets and the platform.

“Wait~Meow,this voice sounds so familiar.”

Step 8: Core Function

4. Quantitative feeding mode:

For dog-like and cat-like animals,moving foods are more attractive. Combining the Cherokee mobile platform and the modular-designed feeding device, the masters can throw quantified food by the rotation of the impeller wherever they want. With this mode, the pets can eat sweet and sound.

Step 9: Expansion

Add camera and WIFI modules, you can start the platform even when you are on a short journey or on a expatriate work, observe your pets at home, play with them and feed them happily...

Step 10: 3D Printing Files

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