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Introduction: Pet Leash

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Here is one of a few leashes I've been making.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    The pics are looking good. I too would love to see an "ible" about the process. I understand that posting a coherent and easy to follow "ible" isn't easy. I can't wait to see how the step-by-step goes though. I'm a crazy dog lover and would love to have something heavy duty for them to walk with. Good luck!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sill trying to figure out how to post and all that good stuff.... I'm electronically challenged, I'll just have my 13 y/o to help me out.
    Leash details are as follows.... I used 4 strands (2 black and 2 copper) of 550 approx. 20-25 ft long each. I made a 4 strand round braid in the center and folded that over to form the loop for the clip that hooks to the collar. Then after bringing together all 8 strands I started the 8 strand square braid. I used a 4X5 turks head (doubled) to cover the joint where the 2 braids meet, I think it looks nicer. Then, the tricky part.... once again you have to split the 8 down to a pair of 4 strands each (for the handle). I covered that joint (the transition from leash to handle) with a T-shaped turks head (doubled again). The main part of the handle are double cord cross knots leading up to where the strands meet to close up the handle, I covered that joined part with another turks head, a 2 bight that also can be used as a pad for the back of your hand or a handle in itself.
    I'm starting another one this weekend and hopefully I can have it posted.