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Introduction: Pet Petter Playpost

This contraption is what I like to call the Pet Petter Play-post. I made it using old items I found around my garage that didn't cost much money. The point of the is so when you are away and your cat or dog wants to play, it can pet itself with the petting part, or scratch the post part.


  1. PVC pipe - 2 2 foot pieces
  2. 2 PVC pipe caps or toppers
  3. PVC pipe connector, larger than the other two pipes so it can slide over them.
  4. 2 PVC pipe corners, 90 degrees
  5. Pvc pipe 3 peice connector
  6. Old glove
  7. Stones/ pebbles, smooth and small
  8. Tape
  9. Screw
  10. Long old piece of rope
  11. Optional - PVC pipe glue


  1. Drill
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Saw - preferably electric
  4. Yard stick
  5. Sharpy ( yes i know i spelled the pen name wrong but i dont know if i could get sued for copy righted material.)

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Step 1: Putting on the Topper

The first step of making this is to put the first topper on the first pipe.

Step 2: Making the Mark

Take out the sharpy and mark the pipe 15 inches from the edge o the topper on top of the pipe.

Step 3: Cutting at the Cut Mark

Use the electric saw to cut the pipe at the marking you just made with the sharpy.

Step 4: Cut a Hole

Take out the Slightly large PVC pipe connector and the drill. use one of the circular saw thing around the same width or a small amount smaller than the other PVC pipe to cut a hole in the middle of it.

Step 5: Slide It On

slide on the piece you just cut a hole out of onto the pipe with the topper on.

Step 6: Cut the Head and Slit the Tube

Take your second PVC pipe topper and get out your saw. Cut off the head of the topper that stops it from going onto the pipe. Next, use your saw again and create a slit in the remaining tube longways.

Step 7: Slide Another On.

Slide the cut topper onto the piece with the larger piece on it and the topper from the other side up to around 5-6 inches off the edge.

Step 8: Fill the Glove

Take the old glove and the rocks/pebbles and fill the glove with rocks, make sure you fill in the fingers.

Step 9: Tape in the Pipe

dig the pipe into the glove as far as you can, and apply lots of tape to the edge of the glove and the pipe where they meet to connect them.

Step 10: Drill a Hole, Screw a Screw

Take the Pvc pipe with the toppers and drill a hole into the center of the topper at the top, proceeding this, take a long screw, and screw it in half way.

Step 11: Making Connections

Take the edge of the pipe connected to the glove and stick the pipe into the hole. mine didn't fit so i found another piece i had and connected them.

Step 12: Build the Base

Take the three piece connector and attach it the the bottom of the pipe with the pipe in the middle one. Take the remaining 2 foot pipe and cut it into fourths. Put two of the fourths into the other two sides of the three piece connector. Put a corner connector on each and put a remaining quarter into each one.

Step 13: Rope

tie the rope around the edge of the glove and then pulling tightly around the screw at top. Use the remainder of the rope to wrap around the bottom so your cat/dog also has a place to scratch.

Step 14: Place It Near Your Pet

place the pet petter near you pets current residance or favorite place and wait for her/him to notice. you may have to show you pet how it works first.

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    3 years ago

    Very clever and fun project!