Pet Stool Marius

Introduction: Pet Stool Marius

We searched around internet for a nice gift for our friends birthday.
She had called and asked us to bring some chairs so that all the guests on the party would have somewhere to sit. We though then we'll give her a chair, and continued to search.
After a while we found something we really liked at some random page (mossonline) but unfortunately this was way over our budget.
That's when we decided to create our own pale copy at a budget almost anyone could afford.

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Step 1: What You Need

First a little list of things that you will need:

1 x Stool Marius (no black available so we had to take orange)
8 x Soet Barnslig (we used the crocodile since it had a practical shape and matching colors)
1 x Needle and thread

Step 2: Sewing Them Together

I started with sewing the crocodiles together two and two at the tail.
You don't have to put them into the stool like this, you can be smart (unlike me) and sew first and put them in after.

Step 3: Through the Holes

Put them in through the holes in the stool, put each pair so that you have a screw hole between the two Siamese crocodile twins.

Step 4: Mount the Stool

Mount the stool together just as you would have without the crocodiles.

Step 5: Done

Now you have an incredibly stupid but somewhat cute stool that you can use to sit on.
Other uses:
Starting conversations
Looking funny
Making you look like a genius
Taking up space in your room
Pretending you knew Steve Irwin
Shock therapy against crocofobi

Sorry about the flag in the background. I'm from Sweden but my girlfriend is German and she just happens to be to lazy to take the flag in from the balcony between the championships so she just pulls it inside so that it isn't visible from the street. :-)

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Aww. 'tis cruel to sit on their poor little heads!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    (Writing from the U.S., so forgive my currency chauvinism...) At two-for-a-dollar, and six for the stool, you could probably make something very similar to the panda-encrusted classroom chair for under $25! From the Step 5 picture, it looks like 24 crocs would make a solid outer ring (two each in the gaps between the eight you've got); another dozen should fill the inner ring (you might have to use a hole saw to make a passage for their tails). That's $18 for a full coating of crocodiles :-)