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Introduction: Pet Towel Robe

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After a warm shower during the NY Winter, the most important thing for your pet is to get dried, and get dried quickly.  Else they get cold from the wet fur and get sick.  And no one wants a sick puppy (or at least no one in my home)  So I decided to use an old towel and make it fit my puppy Snowy better by making him a Towel Robe.  (He only looks miserable because he hates showers and would much rather be smelly and dirty all the time)  I ended up going with a No Sew Approach since my sewing machine is mad at me today.

Old Towel
Sewing Machine or Hot Glue Gun
Pet Measurements

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Step 1: Iron the Towel

If there are any seams from the towel being folded, iron these out.

Step 2: Measure Your Pet

My puppy hates mommy's projects so he rarely sits still for me.  When I measure it is always rough measurements and update as you go.  However, today I got the closest ever and didn't have to make any changes (Yayyy).  To measure the puppy I used ribbon.  The most important thing is to measure around the biggest part of the belly and the length of the animal.  I used the ribbon wrapped it around him and noted the length.  Then I did the same for the length.  (No pictures due to him barely sitting to get the measurement)  I then folded the towel into a rectangle of these measurements and lied it over him to check for adjustments.  I folded it up a little bit to make the length shorter and cut the rectangle twice.

Step 3: Cut the Arm Holes

Take your rectangle and lie it over your pet's back again and mark where the legs are on one side.  Fold the rectangle in half and cut the half circles so it makes two on each side.  Repeat for the second rectangle, then cut the second one in half again.  This gives three pieces, one full and two half shapes.  Lie this over the puppy to check for accuracy before proceeding.

Step 4: To Sew or Not to Sew, That Is the Question.

And in my case, the answer was not to sew.  My sewing machine decided to jam up while attempting to sew the towel so I ended up switching to a No Sew approach and brought out the hot glue gun.  The last picture is what the machine did to my towel :( 
The parts that need to be sewn are the three straight parts by the leg holes.  Sew Spots are by the circles.  This sews the top piece (the full piece) to the bottom pieces (the half pieces)  The sew spots are of course either by sewing with needle and thread or in my case by hot gluing.

Step 5: Turn Right Side Up

Turn the pieces right side up.  If you want to add Velcro or a button for the closure you can do so now.  Usually I do when making him clothes, but since this is a robe I decided to make him a belt.  To make the belt I just cut the edge of the towel off so it was a tad wider then his belly length was to give room to tie a small knot with.

Step 6: Get the Puppy Out of the Bath and Put This on Him

Time to take the puppy out of the bath that he hates and put the towel robe on him.  You can see the top, and bottom, and then him wearing it in the living room after he ran away.  Did I mention, he hates baths?

Whether your pet likes the bath or not, this Towel Robe will surely help him to dry faster so he stays warm in the winter.

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    7 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ha ha! This reminds me of the hospital gown I made my dog after her spay. It really worked.

    My dog hates baths but LOVES being toweled off. I make it into a whole happy thing with lots of rubbing down and massage. I think it makes it all worthwhile for her.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Aww do you have a pic of the hospital gown? He's not really a fan of the bath and likes to eat the towel so hopefully this helps him dry more since it is on him instead of me trying to run him while he tries to bite me. I love making him clothes and costumes :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Here is the robe... it's a piece of fabric in which I cut leg holes and safety-pinned the back, leaving the tail area open, so she couldn't get to her stitches. Not a great photo, but maybe you get the idea.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yea I can see how you did it. It's really cute, and she doesn't look to mind it too bad.