Pet Blind Protectors

Introduction: Pet Blind Protectors

I have had a serious issue with my pets ( cats ), chewing through the strings that hold my wood blinds together.
I am aware that there are sprays and such you can use, however I could find no other products out there addressing this issue.
With some paint, glue, pipe cleaners and cheap fabric, I have devised some cheap,simple and easy to make blind covers.
Ever since I have made these "prototypes", my cats have not bothered the blinds since.

All you is choose your fabric. Paint the pipe cleaners to match. Glue it all together.
Attaching them is easy as you just place them where you want them and bend the pipe cleaners around the wood slats.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Smart solution to a silly problem. Can you add a couple of close-up photos showing how you put all those pieces together? Maybe wait until the arms (paws?) race escalates and they find a way around your prototypes.