Pet Hair Removal Trick: Rid Your House of Pet Hair for Less Than $10. Cheap Life Hacks for Cleaning Up Dog and Cat Hair.




Introduction: Pet Hair Removal Trick: Rid Your House of Pet Hair for Less Than $10. Cheap Life Hacks for Cleaning Up Dog and Cat Hair.

This guide is will give you quick tips on cleaning up that pesky pet hair around your house. All should be combined with regular preventive cleaning such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and replacing your HVAC filter.

The last step is really all you need to know. It is a top secret method never before discovered. Hang tight for this wild ride of hair removal. Yum.

Step 1: Static Clean Up

Charge a balloon and run across your couch or carpet to use as a magnet for hair collection. Laundry fabric softeners will do the same trick.

Step 2: Damp Cloth and Sponge

Wet a clothe and dab up hair.

Step 3: Lint Roller.

A last minute sure fix for minor hair removal. works every time.

Step 4: Dry Mop or Or "swiffer".

These flat surface mops work great, you can wet them for an easier clean up.

Step 5: Regular Washes.

Just wash your animal as a part of a weekly preventive care.

Step 6: Rubber Glove.

Magically, rubber gloves rubbed over a couch or cloth surface is one of the best kept and cheapest tricks for hair removal.

Step 7: Squeegee.

Take a window squeegee and wipe across a carpet floor or rug to collect up heaping piles of hair. Lovely, just lovely.

Step 8: Industrial Fan.

Ready your self for this top secret hack for hair. Set up some big fans and turn them on high, placed somewhere in your house. leave them running for an afternoon. At the end of the day hair will be blown and carried to various corners of your home. Find those piles of hair and scoop it up.

Step 9: Pumice Stone.

For chairs, couches, and vehicle seats, nothing beat a a pumice stone.

Step 10: Dog Combs and Furminators.

Yea, yet another fancy preventive. and obvious no brainer. Comb your pet outside every other day. This is the best single handed method for keeping your house free of hair.

Step 11: The Self Cleaning Room.

This is the final yet most amazing life hack in existence. If you find this trick anywhere else on the internet I would be surprised.

First, this trick only works for rooms with doors that can be closed.

Second, there must be two windows (with screens) in the room.

Here is how you activate a self-hair removing room. Open up one window as much as possible. Crack the other window about 1/2 inch. Use a spray bottle and moisten the the screen behind the cracked window.

That's it.

This will create a vacuum effect in your room. The hair will collect and stick between the screen and cracked window.Every 3 days clean out the collected like of hair and re-moisten the screen. It will take about between 3-7 days for hair to collect but after about a month you will find that it has caught up with all the hair that had built up in your home. From there out you may never ser hair again! Hahababah.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice collection of methods here. It's the static that makes pet hair (and dust) stick to things, so anything that helps break that static will help. I combine #2 & #6, using wet rubber gloves to clean most of the fur off upholstery, carpet, clothes, etc. Then follow with a vacuum/lint brush. I had one concern about #5, though. Washing a pet weekly will probably be too drying on their skin. For many reasons, regular grooming (#10) is the best choice for your pet and home.