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This instructable describes how to transform a waste (old) cold and hot drinking water machine into a small, air-conditioned room.

  • You need to prepare :
  1. A cold and hot drinking water machine and be sure its cooling function still works;
  2. A cooling group of CPU;
  3. A cold heat exchanger;
  4. A DC12V miniature pump;
  5. A temperature display module;
  6. A plastic bottle;
  7. A few Catheters;
  8. A few papers;
  9. A towel (optional);
  10. A few ties;
  11. Hot-melt adhesives and hot melt guns;
  12. Other tool kit and your wisdom. :-)

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Step 1: Completely Disassembled the Water Machine

This instructable is disassembling a water machine with heat up function only. So I prepared an extra AC-DC power adapter and coolers.

Notice: Only cold-heat type water machine have AC-DC adapter and cooling module.

Step 2: Keep This Hot-pot, Cooling Module and AC-DC Adapter

Hot-pot will be used to store the cooling water, cooling module will be used for cooling.

Notice: Only cold-heat type water machines have AC-DC adapter and cooling module.

Step 3: Reuse a Cooling Group of CPU and Dismantling It Keep the Fins Only

It will be used for circulating air to air cooling.

Step 4: Install Cold Heat Exchanger With Thermopiles and Keep the Cooler-face on Top

If you installed the multi-block thermopile, then you need an aluminum cover to ensure the fins will maximize heat absorption.

Notice: Do not install the thermopiles like a sandwich!!! This will not properly transfer the heat!

Step 5: Install a Fan on the Fins and Ensure the Wind Is Blowing Outward

Step 6: Install the Cold Heat Exchanger Module on the Frame, and Make Sure This Position Will Make Your Pet Feel Cosy and Safe

Step 7: Install Conduits

Use catheter(-> as it mark here) to connect goods.

Put the pump into plastic bottle fast. Then, heat-exchanger->plastic bottle; pump->hot-pots->heat-exchanger.

Step 8: Block the Hot-pot's Air Outlet. Otherwise It Will Leak!

We just use the hot-pot as a tank so the outlet is no longer necessary.

Or you can install it higher than the heat-exchanger resolve this problem.

Step 9: Install a Temperature Display Module

Step 10: Connect Every Goods Power-in-port to the AC-DC Adapter Then Use Paper to Cover the Intake

Step 11: Pour the Water(function Like Freon) in Plastic Bottle

Step 12: Turn on the Power and Continue to Add Water Until the Pipes Are Filled

Step 13: Put in a Towel in Pet' Igloo, That Can Improve Comfort for Pets.

Step 14: Use Paper to Block the Thermal Ventilation Windows

Step 15: Done!!! Just Enjoy It!!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    pretty cool (pun intended). I've been thinking about something like this to keep my cat nice and cool on the warmer days. Thanks for sharing!

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