Pet or Bird Food Bags-Save Space in the Trash

Introduction: Pet or Bird Food Bags-Save Space in the Trash

Anyone who feeds pets or birds knows that the empty bags can take a fairly large amount of space in the trash bag.  The bags will take far less space if they are folded and taped. 

Roll of 3/4" plastic electrical tape

Flatten the bag on a flat work surface.  Start at the closed end and fold over a 4" section.  Continue folding sections until you have the entire bag folded into a 5" x 22"stack. 

Hold the folded bag down so it doesn't get away as you fold the right end over to the left end.  Fold the stack over again and tape it in two wraps of electrical tape. 

The empty bag, which originally held 50# of sunflower seeds started out at about 36" x 22".   Wadding it up and stuffing it in the trash would take quite a bit of space.  Folded and taped it is about 6" x 5" x 3".



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    If they are made of the plastic woven material, they can be made into tote bags.

    as long as there are no holes, they make good bags for storing kindling.
    Stuffed with closed cell foam, and sewed shut(fishing line works great) and you have a handy weatherproof cushion.
    The sort my dog's food comes in is the same material, but comes with a ziplock style closure.
    It makes a handy method of storing sand, for winter automotive use.


    4 years ago

    I use these bags for outside trash or to put other larger household trash into