Pet Tags!




Create cool looking tags for your best friend's collar!

Step 1: Materials:

You will need the following:
-Shrink film (Shrinky Dinks)
-Keychain ring
-Picture of animal

Step 2: Creating the Picture

First, find a picture that you like of a pet. Then print out a picture that is no bigger than 4X7 in. Take your shrink film and place the rough side up over the picture. Using the crayons, trace over the picture onto the shrink film. Remember that after the film is baked, it will be darker and smaller.

Step 3: Baking Your Tag

The next step is cutting out your picture or writing that you just made. Cut out the shrink film into any shape you want, but circles or squares work best. Using a regular hole punch, punch a hole in the cut out picture. It is very important that you punch a hole now rather than after the piece has been baked. Following the instructions on the shrink film package, place the rough side up onto a paper bag that has been placed on a cookie sheet. Set the oven to 325 degrees and cook the film for 3 minutes. Baking instructions may differ per brand of shrink film, but follow the package's directions even if they are different from mine. Let the tag cool.

Step 4: Final Touches

After the piece has cooled, take the keychain ring and put it through the hole in your tag. Attach to the pet's collar.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    There is no such number as 555-5555. It is the universal number used to represent any number. That way you avoid people calling real numbers. Watch any movie or tv show where a phone number is shown and it will be 555-5555.

    The tag idea is very simple and quite good.

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