Petroleum Jelly Nerf Dart Modification

Introduction: Petroleum Jelly Nerf Dart Modification

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Have you ever wondered what to do with left over Peteoleum Jelly? Well this is the right place for you!
This super simple and hilarious Nerf Dart modification will leave of a splatter of Petroleum Jelly onto your friend's or foe's!

Petroleum Jelly ( Brands like Vaseline, Bodyline, etc. )
Nerf Dart ( or any other brands like K'force, BoomCo, BuzzBee, etc )
Nerf Gun ( WARNING: PUTTING THESE DARTS IN GUNS THAT HAVE A BARREL, INNER MECHANISM, OR A MAGAZINE WILL AFFECT PERFORMANCE OF THE GUN. Example: Rapidstrike, the jelly will probably get stuck in the gun. The jolt will be ok since it has no barrel and part of the dart sticks out when loaded.

Make sure that your only putting these darts into guns that allow the orange tip of the dart to be visable.

Make sure you can see the dart once it is loaded in. Example: jolt, triad elite, etc.
Don't use it on people that will get angry.
Don't use this on guns that have a barrel or if the jelly will get stuck in the mechinism.
Use common sense while using these darts.
Don't shoot at people that is allergic to Petroleum Jelly.

Step 1: Applying Petroleum Jelly Onto Darts

Get a small, medium or giant wad of Peteoleum Jelly and apply it onto the tip of the Dart.
Remember, this can also work on other darts, like the K'force darts.

Step 2: Loading the Gun With Darts.

Simply slide the modified dart into your gun, then your ready to go.

Step 3: Shooting

You wanna make sure that your shooting this at people who won't get easily mad and could take a practical joke.
Here are some ideas you can do with them:
-Sneak up on your friend/foe and shoot them unsuspectedly.
-Have a Nerf war with these
-Rapid fire on them ( may require multiple guns )
-Use the darts to stick on objects ( targets, people, etc )

Yes, this can manage to be potentially dangerous if not used correctly, stay safe and have fun!



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