Petty Dangerous Spike Ring



Introduction: Petty Dangerous Spike Ring

From contributing designer Kathy King.

- Size 11 Aiko beads
- Size 15 seed beads
- 1 12x8mm Czech Glass Spike
- Wildfire Beading Thread, 10lb

- needle
- scissors

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial (This includes the peyote pattern)

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Step 1: Create the Band of the Ring

Using the Aiko size 11 beads, make a flat peyote piece at least eight rows high and the length will depend on what size ring you want.

Step 2: Attach the Two Ends of the Band Together

Wrap the flat piece onto itself to make a tube and "sew" it up. Using your tail and working end of your thread, make a square knot. Work your tail through a few beads in the tube and cut.

Step 3: Attach Spike to Bead

Bring the needle out of a bead in the center of your peyote strip and pick up the spike bead. Sit it tight against the strip and go into ta bead on the other side of the spike. Work through the spike at least three times to secure it to the peyote strip. 

Step 4: Attach Ring of Beads Around the Spike

Coming out a bead adjacent to the spike, pick up 11 Aiko beads and lay them around the edge of the spike. Go through a bead on the other side of the spike. Pick up 11 additional Aikos, working around the other side of the spike.

*I'm using white beads in the sample so you can see them. I used the black ones to finish the actual ring.

Step 5: Finish the Ring Around the Spike

Work back through the beads you just attached, adding additional beads to fill the two gaps in the circle of beads. You want to be sure to have an even number of beads in the circle.

Step 6: Add the 15/0 Seed Beads Above the Circle

Come out between any two beads in the circle and pick up three size 15 seed beads. Skip one bead and go into the second bead in the circle. You will be adding a group of 15s over every other bead in the circle around the spike.

Step 7: Add Beads to Take Up the Remaining Space and Knot

Go through the spike one more time, adding three size 15s on either side of the spike to cover the thread. Knot your thread, cut off any remaining and enjoy your new ring!

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