Phasor Measurement Unit Using Arduino

The Hardware is Basically Arduino Due doing the Phasor Computation with a 50 Point DFT over one sampling window which covers one cycle. The GPS module provides UTC Timestamp and the 1PPS plse is used for synchronisation. I have coded an Arduino Mega to generate three sinusoids, from a look up table of 1024 samples, with 120 degree phase apart, although the first circuit shown can be connected directly to a three phase AC Supply source, but no flexibility in changing the frequency or phase to test the PMU for different Conditions. The LCD is being driven by another Arduino Due with the help of UTFT library, because this perticular LCD is pretty slow for updating its display. Similarly the Ethernet module and the Serial communication shown in the video is being handled by another Arduino Due. And of course, after some code optimization and better hardware config, the number of microcontrollers being used can be brought down to One Arduino Due Only for the PMU Processor, maybe I will set that as my next goal. Will post all steps and the schematics after the project is complete.

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    1 year ago

    is there a more complete description? component list? source code?