Philadelphia ( Soft Cheese) and Chocolate Rolls

Introduction: Philadelphia ( Soft Cheese) and Chocolate Rolls

I think of a snack as something easy to make,preferably something already made,by someone else,like a maid. Oh I wish I had a maid. I'd call her Consuela.And I'd be nice to her,and I'd let her cook for me and do all the house work. * sight* But back to reality,here's an easy to make snack that you can adjust each batch filling for everybody's taste.

Step 1: If Rummaging Through the Cupboards Fail Try This

Take a slice of bread and flatten it with a rolling pin.
Spread Philadelphia and sprinkle chocolate shavings on one end of the slice. ( Use chocolate chips or take a chocolate bar and grate it)
Roll the slice of bread,like a sushi roll.Make sure Is tight.
Dip it in a mixture of warm milk and beaten egg.
Place some butter on a frying pan and shallow fry your bread roll untill it's golden all over.
Roll it on a mixture of sugar and cinnamon ( optional)

I made this another time with blueberries instead of chocolate. Adding strawberries with the chocolate is a good combination too, maybe even serve it hot with ice cream and chocolate shavings for decoration if you're feeling fancy. You can probably skip the fillings all together and just drizzle some honey/ syrup/lemon juice/toppings on top once is done.



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    Me again, Andreia,

    Here is a site to get an idea of the Tastykake product line:

    Take care!

    2 replies

    (for your readers from the rest of the world, "Philadelphia" refers to Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese).

    This sounds delish! lol

    3 replies

    hahaha ,yes the cream cheese. I assumed it is universal. Shoulda just said cream cheese. Now I feel bad for the " propaganda" :D

    Of course, you shouldn't feel bad!   I live about 90 mins. from Philadelphia, PA, so I grew up with it, and have enjoyed it all my life. Yummy stuff for sure! Same thing with Tastykake products...for decades, they were not nation-wide, however, they are popping up in more and more states now. (Sadly, I seldom buy them because I knew them at a nickle a pack; now they're over a dollar, and I just can't enjoy them at that price, no I pass them by. : (

    Your quick snack looks great, I look forward to trying it! Thanks for the Instructable.

    Thank you for your lovely message. Philadelphia was big when I was growing up too :) . I'm afraid I don't know what TastyKake products are but ,sounds tasty ;) . And Yh I remember Philadelphia being cheap as pie,now it's an occasional treat. :/ Hope you enjoy making this..... tastyrolls :D x