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Introduction: Philly Cheesesteak Hoagie

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Philly Cheesesteaks are amazing. In this Instructables I am going to show you my way of making the most savory and decadent one. This my version of this beloved sandwich.

The key is to get a good maillard reaction on the beef and toasting the buns!

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Step 1: Ingredients

    You have to have good ingredients to make a good cheesesteak, with the cut of meat, cheese and the bun being the most important.

    • A good cut of steak - rib steak, rib eye or strip-loin. Also rib roast is probably the best buy if you plan on making a bunch and you can have the butcher cut it up for you too.
    • Red pepper
    • Onion
    • Shredded cheese of your choice
    • White bread sub bun
    • Butter
    • Beef broth or chicken broth or water
    • Oil with a high smoking point and neutral tasting: canola, corn, peanut, etc..
    • Salt and pepper

    Step 2: Watch the Video

    Check out the video too, the written steps follow

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    Step 3: Prepare Your Ingredients

    To prepare the ingredients:

    • Dice the red pepper and onion, not the whole pepper or onion is needed. For one cheesesteak you need about half a hand full of each.
    • Cut up the steak, first length wise and then slice the pieces against the grain of the meat. How much meat you need depends on the size of the buns. I like to use around 1/4 pound per medium size bun. I am using smaller buns so I will divide the portion into two once cooked.
    • Butter the bun, this is an important but overlooked technique.

    Step 4: Cooking the Cheesesteaks

    To make the filling you need a frying pan, preferably a cast iron pan as it holds the heat which will allow you to get a good sear on the beef.

    Ensure the meat is dry before you put it in the pan, there is two reasons for this: keeps the splatter down and wet meat will cool the pan down and can prevent a good browning.

    • Preheat your pan and add some neutral tasting oil with a high smoking point.
    • Wait until the pan is super hot, basically to the point when the oil starts to smoke
    • Add the meat to the pan and spread it out. Leave it alone at this point until you see the edges start turning to a grayish brown color. Then flip the meat and brown the other side.
    • Add some red pepper and onions and stir, let them brown for a minute. Adjust the heat as required. At this point some salt and pepper can be added if you like.
    • Push the mixture to the side of the pan and cover with the cheese of your choice. The more cheese the better!
    • Pour in some chicken broth and cover, this will make steam and help melt the cheese and add some extra flavor. Water can be used as well.
    • At this point in another pan, grill the buns on both sides.
    • Once the cheese is mostly melted, uncover and let the broth steam off.
    • Spoon the meaty and cheesy mixture our the buns,
    • Enjoy!!!!!

    Careful if you make these for your family they will request them often!

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      4 Discussions


      3 years ago

      It lookes so good and easy to make, I am going to try this as soon as I can.

      General Zod
      General Zod

      3 years ago

      This looks very good.


      3 years ago

      aww, I really shouldn't look at this section when I'm hungry.


      3 years ago

      Good heavens, this looks tasty. I need to make one! ;)