Phoenix- Knex Ball Machine Instructions




Introduction: Phoenix- Knex Ball Machine Instructions

My third ball machine instructable to date. This ball machine has less pieces than Supernova did and is smaller. A new path switch has been invented and implemented in this machine. I improvised the spiral lift to work with the larger newer knex balls which is what this machine uses. Enjoy the build!

Step 1: Piece Count


Grey: 19
Red: 123
Yellow: 204
Blue: 451
White: 353
Green: 773


White: 150
Blue 3D: 137
Purple 3D: 355
Yellow: 263
Green: 61
Orange: 69
Red: 229
Light- Grey: 18
Dark- Grey: 148


Purple Flexi- Rod: 4
Orange Flexi- Rod: 18
Tan- Lock: 11
Blue Clip: 16
Y- Clip: 48
Blue Spacer: 64
Silver Spacer: 129
Orange Track Connector: 35
Tan Rod: 1
Large Tire: 2
Small Tire: 4
Small Tire( No Tread): 1
Red Gear: 1
Blue Gear: 1
Track Splice Clip- 3
Motor: 1
Triangle Pannel( No Holes): 1
Balls (Newer Larger Ones)


Step 2: The Base and Bottom Return Path

Let's begin! I really like this white path concept.

Step 3: The Lift

A pretty big step.

Step 4: The White Floor

Only made for one of the paths.

Step 5: Supports and New Path Switch Element

This step is difficult as a warning. Really look at the pictures carefully especially on the new element. This is the largest step in this instructable.

Step 6: Path 1

Step 7: Path 2

This path contains my favorite element, the quarter- arm.

Step 8: Path 3

I used an element from Retrograde so it is not my own.



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    16 Discussions

    The black and white ones will not work. They are not only larger but also lighter than the red/yellow ones.

    Hey r the black and white knex balls really bigger and if so how much bigger

    Built this and it was really cool!

    HI,is there a replacement for the gold tracks and gold tubes or do you have to use them? Cause i don't have any...

    HI,is there a replacement for the gold tracks and gold tubes or do you have to use them? Cause i don't have any...

    Nice ballmachine But something goes wrong in the helix lift the ball falls out the lift when it''s only halfway?

    This is a great instructable for a really cool desktop ball machine...

    I'd say 5*, but I haven't yet checked the recent changes to ibles...

    4 replies

    Great machine! And I must say, in step 8 you say that one of the elements is from Retrograde. I assume you mean the Zig-Zag. Technically, it wasn't mine came from Kariah's Metropolis. :-) Also, I think you've modified it to the point that it almost works a little differently (from what I can see in the video). I love the new path separator, good job!

    You don't normally see ball machines with instructions.Great job!