Phone Caretaker

Introduction: Phone Caretaker

If your phone leaves the phone caretaker’s button then the alarm and the warning light will start, but when you never let your phone leave the phone caretaker’s button then the alarm and the warning light will be off.

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Step 1: What You Need

Arduino x1

wires x 8

speaker x 1

button x 1

box x 1

led x 1

Step 2: Write a Program

click out your Arduino program out and copy and paste my link below onto your Arduino program or you can either write one by yourself


Step 3: Build a Circuit

first, go to step 1and plug everything onto your Arduino and plugin onto your computer and go to your Arduino program copy and paste my link and send it to your Arduino program.

Step 4: Final Step

Put your Arduino into a tissue paper box or you can rather build a box on your own, but if you are making your own box don't forget to use a scissor or a knife to cut out some holes to let the button and the led light go through, and if your all done congratulations you may plugin to your computer, and start putting on your phone onto your phone caretaker, and focus on your homework.

Step 5: Video

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