Phone Dock - Hot Glue and Leather



Introduction: Phone Dock - Hot Glue and Leather

Turn a hot glue and piece of leather into charging phone dock.

This is a little project and basic idea is very simple. However, you can use different materials etc. I used items that I already had. This is one way to do it.

Safety equipment: eye protectors, mask, gloves

Tools i used:

- Hot air blower

- Needles

- Hammer

- Drill

- Glue gun

- diamond file

- Saucepan (as noncombustible platform)

- Wooden phone template


- Leather, top quality cow hide 0,8 mm thick

- 6 glue sticks 12 mm

- Waxed thread

- Cable for phone

- Round gingerbread mold (or anything else, this is the basic shape of the dock.)

- Black paint

Step 1: Make a Basic Module

Take a hot glue sticks. Chop into smaller pieces so it is easier and faster to melt.

Wear protective gear when melting glue. After glue is liquefied use wooden phone template to make a slight hollow in a even surface.

Let it cool down completely. (1-2 hours)

Remove and clean mold. It is needed again later

Drill hole for the cable at the bottom of the hollow.

I painted the hollow with black paint.

Step 2: Prepare Leather and Cut a Notch

Make a little notch for cable at the bottom.

Cut upholstery leather and prepare for sewing by punching holes for stitch

As you can see, I am using basic saddle stitch. These stitches are only decoration and the leather is attached with glue and few stitches at the seam. Leather is sewn together with baseball stitch.

Step 3: Assembly

Drill hole for cable and glue it in place. It´s good to use your phone and measure correct height for the connector. Glue round leather piece on the top of the basic module and cut rectangular hole for the phone. Cutting can be done before or after the piece is glued in place.

Place the basic module inside the round metal object which was used as a mold earlier in this project. Make secure joint with hot glue.

Attach cable with hot glue and it´s done.

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