Phone Guy Costume (Rebornica)

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Hello! This is me 2nd instructable so today aside from purple guy and Jeremy today we are looking at Phone Guy (PG)!!

Step 1: References

K so now time for some references now you can go on Google and type in "Phone Guy Rebornica" and BOOM it shows a boatload of pics and funny comics by Rebornica k save a few now let's GET TO WORK!

Step 2: The Suit

Now this part is easy now just find yourself
Some black gloves and for the right one put tape or bandages on it find grey pants and a blue suit you can get a name tag and put "PG" on it if you want

Step 3: The Phone Head

Now time for some building now take these photos and resize it to your size it's easy! Now make sure it fits your head now cut out a circle and use these templates for the front dial circle

Step 4: The Phone

Now you can use an oversized phone and paint it red (later) or create one out of paper towel tubes it's super easy and By the way make a stand as shown.

Step 5: Combining

Now just tape or glue the phone to the head

Step 6: Paint

Now just get some applebarrel paint gloss
- 1 Real Red
- 1 dolphin Grey
Bout $.97 for 1 bottle I accidentally got 2 real red but 1 should do!
Oh and use these pictures for paint guide

Step 7: Extras

Now add some cord or anything like black string or black zip ties or something And add eyebrows mad happy sad annoyed or whatever I did happy :)


Now you can go out on Halloween and have fun or just for real life comics by Rebornica (I'm going to do that) so yeah it's not that hard and I think my next one will be a Cardboard epic (mines badly painted) low budget TARDIS From doctor who it took me 2 days 1st for the thing/model and the 2nd day for paint (it started to rain so that's why it's bad painting) and lights up! So see ya next time!



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