Phone Holder for a Bike




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Step 1: You Will Need:

A drill, zipties, phone case, pliers, a bike, sandpaper, pop rivet/staple, a piece of metall and some rubber

Step 2: Drill 8 Holes

6 into the metal and 2 into the phone case so that you can put a rivet/staple thru the holes. Sand down the rough edges with the sandpaper.

Step 3: Put the Rivets/staples Thru the Holes

So that the piece of metal and the phone case attaches to each other.

Step 4: Put the Piece of Metal Against Your Handelbar

So that you have the piece of rubber betwen the piece of metall and the handelbar. Then finish it with putting the zipties thru the piece of metall and arround the handelbar.

Step 5: It Should Look Something Like This.

Have fun riding your bike! Now you can track where you are biking, what speed and things like that. Please comment, Im happy to help.

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