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Introduction: Phone Hologram

This project is made for TfCD which is a masters course at the Tu Delft.

How does it work?

Every clear material has a critical angle from where on the light does not go through the object but shows total internal reflection. This phone hologram uses this to reflect an image that is shown beneath the pyramid. Since it shows some of the surroundings it looks like the image in floating midair.


Currently this is the easiest way to show full images as a "hologram" but you are limited in the practical uses since a extra tool is need to display the image which does not show a real hologram.

Most holograms that you see nowadays are usually fake and rely on some kind of optical illusion. two examples of real hologram are a kickstarter project which is called holovect where they can display vector images by manipulating the air in a specific location and pointing a laser to that area. furthermore Korean scientist have made a device that displays the first real hologram image which can be view form 360 degrees.

What do you need?

- Clear plastic sheet (70mmx100mm)

- Plastic glue

- Knife or cutting machine

- Tape

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Step 1: Layout

Lay out the template of a the trapezium on a piece of clear plastic.

Step 2: Cut Out

Cut out the 4 pieces of clear plastic. This can be done with a knife, cutting machine or a laser cutter if you have one available.

Step 3: Tape

Put a bit a painters tape on the edges of the trapeziums. Tape the 4 pieces together as shown in picture with 1mm space between the pieces.

Step 4: Glue

Apply glue to the edges of the the trapezium that are taped up and tape the two outsides together to form a pyramid. To make sure the glue will stick you can apply some more glue the the inside edges of the pyramid.

Step 5: Display

Go to to find a video that can be displayed using the clear plastic pyramid. lay your phone down and place the pyramid in the middel of the four images on the screen to see them displayed as a hologram in the pyramid.

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