Phone Stand AND Bookmark!-Simple and Easy!Use Your Old Pokemon Cards!

Introduction: Phone Stand AND Bookmark!-Simple and Easy!Use Your Old Pokemon Cards!

Lets face it- we are watching something on our phone and we want to not have to lean it up on our bag or purse. But instead of the 3$ Walmart brand lets use our fancy bookmark/phone stand we built here on this page!

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Step 1: Making the First Part

First take any Pokemon, Duelmasters, or any Magic card and fold it in half, and make two lips at the ends of the card.(refer to pic above)

Step 2: Adding the Frame

Take a pencil and snap in half and put both ends around the folded lips at the ends of the card. Tape the pencil around it. Then take string and add onto the ends or the pencils(connect them)(refer to pic please)

Step 3: Bookmarking It

take another 2 Pokemon cards and put the over top of the tape/ pencils.(refer to pic, or it will be confusing).Tape the top o it will stay together!

Step 4: Tape It UP!

Tape the stand it until sturdy and not loose.

Step 5: PUT to Use!

watch and enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    Nice! But I won't lay a finger on my presupposes Pokemon cards if it means I'm gonna cut them! Lol