Phone Stand & Headphone Wrap (Laser Cut and Living Hinges)




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What you see here is the result of a lot of trials and errors. I wanted to make a phone stand using "living hinges." The living hinges allow a single piece of rigid material to bend.

The phone stand is cut out of thin 1/8" mfd board using a laser cutter. It is the size of a credit card so it will fit in your wallet. You can also use it as a headphone wrap. The stand has adjustable angles and supports both landscape and portrait orientations. The stand is perfect for video chatting and watching movies.

While the living hinges give rigid materials flexibility, the hinges will break if over-stressed. The stand's two back support hinges can bend up to about 110 degrees and the front short "phone bracket" can bend 160 degrees.

The stand is made using a laser cutter. Laser cutter+ wood=burnt wood. While each stand is given a bubble bath, the stand will still have a bit of smell to it. The smell is not offensive. Some people even find the smell pleasant. 

There are also more photos in my Flickr page 

Step 1: Get access to laser cutter (I used 40W laser cutter. Speed=55, power=90. Do some test cuts)
Step 2: Download the the dxf file. 
Step 3: (Optional) Be creative! Add some graphics/cutouts to your design.
Step 4: Laser cut it.
Step 4: (Optional) Clean it with a brush using white vinegar and air dry it. 

FYI: Do not use this design on acrylic.The kerf is different for different materials.  You will probably have to modify this design to have it work on acrylic. 

I would love some feedback or different design ideas, so feel free to leave a comment. 

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3 months ago

My file only extracted at 2.125" wide, not sure if I should have enlarged it or not. I am amazed I didn't burn through the living hinge, but it works!


2 years ago

so nice, i love this type of designs.

I made a few to give as birthday gifts recently! Love the idea, and love the feel of it all.


6 years ago on Introduction

Awesome design! Makes me want to buy a laser cutter :)


7 years ago on Introduction

Just built one on my new FSL gen5 hobby laser. This is a very nice design. I used 1/8" birch Ply and it came out great. I'll be making a couple for my Thanks for sharing :)


7 years ago on Introduction

Great work. Where are you getting 1/8" mdf from? All I am able to find is the stuff at the hardware store and it is too tough to cut with my laser.

2 replies

you must make sure that you use a non formaldehyde based MDF if your buying within the UK, I personally use the MEDITE brand as all their products are formaldehyde free, and they are very light and easy to cut.
I had some stuff that turned out to be from china that left lots of soot etc and it contained formaldehyde! which is toxic when laser cut


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I got my 1/8' mdf board from Home Depot. They will even cut it down to size for you. Figure out how you want them to cut the mdf for you before hand (A diagram helps)
Remember your laserable area.

looks amazing, im going to give this one a try.
Many thanks for such an amazing design and use of MDF :)