Phone Stand From USB Drive Package



How to make use of the package of USB drive set to create a phone stand.

I got a 4GB USB drive in a casing like a gold coin. the packing is a clear plastic box with spongy cushion inside. It's easy to be separated and I suddenly thought of making a phone stand from the parts.

Step 1: Contents of the Package

The package has the following parts:
  1. A coin USB drive
  2. A piece of spongy cushion with a hole for the coin
  3. A thin piece of circular spongy cushion lying underneath the coin
  4. A lid
  5. A shallow box

Step 2: Separate Base and Back

Use a cutter to cut along the centre radius of the center hole. The cut should be made at 60 degrees to the surface.

Step 3: Shape the Base

  1. Cut out a platform for the phone to stay on and leaving the edge for stopping the phone to slip down.
  2. Carefully cut out a rectangular tunnel in the centre of the base from the platform to he bottom, and also an open gap in front of the tunnel. This is for the cable line to pass through.

Step 4: Back & Support

  1. Place the circular spongy cushion behind the back. Join the two parts with pins.
  2. Place the combined parts onto the plastic lid.

Step 5: Put It All Together!

Fix the base in front of the back with pins and the phone stand is finished.

Fix it on the lid with glue if you like. I just let the base and back resting on the lid. 

My phone can now resting on the stand with USB cable attached. The phone can be removed with the cable attaching. I can have it change to portrait any time I like as the USB cable can come out along the gap on the base.

In the last photo, it is the gold coin USB drive attaching to the phone via a USB host cable.



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