Phone Amplifier Sound Box

This is a non-electronic amplifier for iPhone , iPod, or Androids. It makes a very enjoyable difference in volume and sound quality (much improved bass). You will need the following.

- 1 X 4 pine board

- 1/4 plywood

- Wood glue

- Sandpaper

- wood filler

- wood file, saw, drill

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Step 1:

Cut out the parts as shown. Pay close attention the the angle cuts. Measurements are overall length.

Step 2:

Cut a 45 degree angle at each end of parts F and G.

Step 3:

Here is a view of how the pieces will be glued together.

Step 4:

Gluing complete. After the glue dries, fill in any defects and sand smooth. Note the placement of part H, which will be made in a later step. Part H will act as a rest for the phone to sit on when placed in the top slot.

Step 5:

This details the placement of the slot in the top cover (part G), which the phone will sit in. A drill and jigsaw works well here.

Step 6:

Cutting complete. Dress it up with a file and sandpaper.

Step 7:

Make part H (shown) from the piece cut out from step 5.

Step 8:

This shows the placement of part H in the bottom of the phone slot.

Step 9:

Glue on the top. Fill defects and sand smooth. Paint or stain and varnish.


Step 10:

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