Phone Casing &something Interesting~

Introduction: Phone Casing &something Interesting~

didn't wanna buy the phone casing, so DIY one for myself.

Then print something interesting by using the printer i bought some days ago.

Addicted to 3D Printer!



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    What phone did you use to print it?

    If you used the iPhone 4S; I would appreciate it if you could send me the dimensions of the case. Thanks :)

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    -What are the dimensions of the phone case?

    -What iPhone is it?

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    You can choose what dimension of your own phone..Then it can be printed..

    maybe, but I order it from Flashforge, it is only $1199, free shipping and 2 rolls filaments for free too. The website is :www.ff3dp,com.

    If you have interest, you can have a look.

    I think it was a awesome 3D printer