Phone, Earbud, Bluetooth Holster.



This is an off shoot of Wally Word camera rig. Use Smartphone for watching movies, online and downloaded, also listening to music besides making calls.

Wanted to have earbuds and Bluetooth with me at all times but didn’t want to have to remember to put in pants pocket, can be very uncomfortable when bending over, also easy to break them or have them fall out of shirt pocket.

Used holster from Big Lots ($4). Top device came with earbuds, used to hook cord to shirt, bottom one is “U” shape cut from plastic container snap on lid.

Used superglue but had to apply several coats to fill in weave of holster before adding top / bottom wrapping kooks.

Keychain hook came with Bluetooth. Can use paperclip instead. Hook Bluetooth mike inside holster to keep it in place.

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