Phone Greeting Prank

Introduction: Phone Greeting Prank

Fool your callers into thinking you're there when you're not.

Need: answering machine
Willing victims (your friends who call).

An optional device would be voicemail although for best enjoyment using the answering machine to screen the calls give the best opportunity to hear your caller's reaction.






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Step 1: Revise Your Normal Greeting

Change your normal greeting for your answering machine (voicemail).

Simply change your message for your to be "Hello...Hello...Speak up I can't hear you..."

You can add, after a pause or two, "Oh, that's right - this is just a recording, please leave a message - April Fools!".

Your callers will think you're really talking to them, may get mad when they realize they've been duped, and may leave you a few choice words of there own!

As I said, this is best when you can use your answering machine to screen the calls and listen (and maybe talk to) your victims.

It also helps if you can set the machine to pick up right away instead of waiting for 3-4 rings.

This isn't very original, but it's quick and harmless (you might not get some messages).

Have fun and let's be safe out there!

Step 2: Reset Your Greeting to Normal

I almost forgot - this has to be reversible.
After April 1st, you need to go back and set you greeting to it's normal, boring message. Systems can vary, but simply re-recording the standard greeting will work. On mine, there are greetings that can be activated for a specific period of time (such as a day). YMMV.

Have fun (and don't get fooled yourself)!

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    12 years ago

    This project looks awesome but there isn't enough documentation of you actually making it to be a full Instructable. There are two things which you could do. 1) If you happen to have images of you making your project you can create some more steps, add those additional photos into your Instructable and then republish your Instructable. 2) If you don't have any more pictures of you working on your project, that's ok too. That just means that your project is better suited to be submitted as a slideshow. Your images are already in your library, and you can use the same text that you have already written for your Instructable so it should only take a few minutes to create your slideshow and show the world what you made! Thanks for your submission and let me know if you have any questions along the way.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i like... "Hello?...........(they start talking)...oh hey!.....(they keep talking) not here right now, please leave a message"


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I got a few funny ones.

    "**** ello, I ******* my phone******water, p****eave a *****age."

    "Hello. Bob's phone isn't working today. This is his refrigerator. Please speak slowly and clearly, and I will attach your message to myself with one of these magnets."



    12 years ago on Introduction

    buup beep bleep the person your calling is not here please die


    12 years ago on Introduction

    i did the same thing on my phone haha, my friends use very...colourful words