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Introduction: Phone Holder

Introducing the simple but effective phone holder for your car. Phones are the new technology of this century and many to come. Even though we shouldn't be, we are always using our phones while driving. Weather it be for directions, talking on the phone, or looking for it in your car. Why pay the ticket for hands free when you can get a simple, very convenient fix for nothing at all. Plastic phone stands can be costly and half of the time don't work or are a struggle to attach to your dash. All you need is Velcro for the simple phone holder.

Step 1: Buy Velcro

The first thing your going to need is Velcro. Any kind will work.

Step 2: Measuring

Take the Velcro and measure it against your phone. Depending on your phone style and size, it should measure about 3" long.

Step 3: Applying to Phone

Position the soft side on the Velcro to the back of your phone or phone case. It should be placed in the center of the phone. Remove the Sticky covering on the back of the Velcro and stick to your phone or case.

Step 4: Applying to Dash Board

Take the other side of the Velcro ( the rough side) and place around your car. Fine a flat spot for your Velcro. Peal the sticky covering off and place it on your dash. If you are unsatisfied with your placement you can peal it back off. Be sure its placed in a convenient place and is not in the way of anything.

Step 5: Complete

Now place your phone to the Velcro and test your new phone holder. Experience the convince of using your GPS or talking on the phone hands free.



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    12 Discussions

    Nice one, thanks!

    Mobile phones were around in the 1980s so not the new technology of this century by a good two decades. :P

    1 reply

    What I was trying to say when i made that comment is that the majority of people are using their phones with maps on them instead of using their GPS. Also that people are all about phones now as they improve every day.

    Because I live in a place with very hot weather like SC, I use Amazing Goop adhesive for mu dashboard Velcro. Regular sticky-back cannot take high heat.

    I've seen things like this before, it was placed on the steering wheel. Personally though, I wouldn't want a piece of Velcro in the back of my phone. For many reasons.

    1 reply

    Personally I do not mind the Velcro on my phone. It peels off with no residue. You can also place it on a case.

    Does it hold ok on bumps, turns and accelerating?

    1 reply

    Yes it does withstand bumps, and turns. I have had it in my car for months and it has never fallen off.

    be sure not to place it on an airbag because then you will be shot in the head with your phone if it goes off.