Phone Stand From Scrap Wood.

Introduction: Phone Stand From Scrap Wood.

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An easy way to use a scrap of wood left over from a previous work.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need only your phone, a scrap of wood that fits the width and thickness of your phone; and all the tools you think you might need to realize it according to your ability. I used:
  • caliber;
  • pencil;
  • saw;
  • wood chisel;
  • bench vise;
  • sandpaper;
  • files;
  • masking tape;
  • water based varnish.

Step 2: Begin

Once you have decided how your stand will be, measure the thickness of your phone and bring it on the wood with the aid of the caliber. Mask the wood along the line where you're going to cut (I do not know if it helps, I use it to prevent from pulling away pieces of bark while cutting) and then start to cut*.
Cut approximately the depth that you think might be enough to prop up your phone. Don't worry, if you don't cut deep enough you can always fix it later. ;)

* if you have any tool that allows you to hold the wood while you cut it, use it!!! I had nothing that went well, and it was an inconvenience to take the wood still while I cut.

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Cut!

Finished the first cut, turn the wood on the other side and, following the cut just did, also bring here the measure of the thickness of your phone. Mask and cut this side too.

Step 4: Almost Finished!

Made the second cut, is time to remove the bulk of the wood.
Secure the wood in the vise and with a couple of light hammered stuck the chisel in the wood. Remove it from the vice, place on a hard surface and with a few more shots pop off the wood. If the wood is good should pop off in one piece.

Step 5: Finishing

Since not all donuts come with a hole, if needed, finish with files (and/or chisel) the opening you've just created. Once the opening will fit perfectly with the phone, finish off with sandpaper and give a coat of clear gloss varnish.

I wanted it to look rustic so I left the bark. I just sanded a little the sides and made shiny with varnish. However, if desired, you could also remove the bark, sanded, and finished with an oil or an enamel specifically for wood.
Another thing you could do is add legs to the base and make a hole to pass the wire of the phone charger so you can charge your phone while it is resting.

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