Phone to Universal Remote

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in this instructable I will teach you how to turn your smartphone into a universal remote to control your TV sets, air conditioner, Xbox, or mostly any device that has remote control abilities. this is very useful if your sometimes lazy like myself and don't want to get up to grab your remote or even feel like changing the game in a crowded sports bar without getting beat up.

Step 1: Locate Remote Control

lots of newer cellphones come with a program pre installed on the device already with the name smart remote, simply search through your cell phone application to see if it came pre installed, so click on is not going to the Google Play Store that is on all smartphones download Smart Remote. You're going to want to download the first application that pops up with the name Smart Remote

Step 2: Install and Program!

once installed, you basically follow the directions given but are sometimes difficult to get started, as it was with myself. you click on the top right icon after installation and click 'add room ' and follow given instructions. you simply enter your zip code, brand of tv, and get setup in no time! enjoy messing with people or simply being lazy :)

Step 3: Click Click




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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Very nice! But I guess not devices other than samsung may not work? Actually I'd prefer a remote with self-learning mode, like Sevenhugs and Yoswit.


    4 years ago

    Samsung devices with the ir led come with peel remote software preinstalled.
    Looks just like your recommended program but without the funky font (or is that your tatoo fft program?)
    For other phones, you will need one of the headphone jack to ir led adapters, and most of those come with their own programs too

    On a more personal note... unless making a political statement, consider using a homepage screenshot WITHOUT weed scale on it. :-) just sayin.

    Jeph Diel

    4 years ago

    cool but you might want to specify android and also not all phones have a IR sensor.

    1 reply
    WhouDiniJeph Diel

    Reply 4 years ago

    very true. I'm still pretty new to this but I was thinking if I said smartphone, viewers would know in other words android due to the fact that, thats the only type of smartphone there works with iPhone 4 and up as well, you still use same instructions. search app store, smart remote, not hip to the ir sensor thing yet either but I would like to say I appreciate the positive and constructive feedback! :)