Light Intensity Analyzer

Introduction: Light Intensity Analyzer

While trying to think of something which can relate to visualising daily phenomena , sensing it and analysing it on a screen, we finally ended up landing on the idea of visualising the intensity of light on a screen.

For this, we used Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) , Resistor, BOLT.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

The circuit (including LDR, Resistor ) was made on BOLT . The BOLT was connected to the laptop via a cable and code was uploaded on BOLT.

Step 2: Plotting Real-time Graphs Using ThingSpeak

The graphs of (intensity VS time) and (light-temperature) curves were plotted through Thingspeak.

Step 3: Triggering on Twitter

A tweeter triggering was also done.
A post is posted on Twitter every time it sees the intensity of light crossing a certain limit.

Step 4: Project Video

Step 5: Application

We can use it on a cricket pitch to detect the level of light intensity and tweet or post updates on it on social media in real time.
It can trigger posts if the light level is low and match can't happen.



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    This is a great light sensor design. I use it in a lot of my projects.