Photo Card Box for Weddings (or Other Congratulatory Events)

Introduction: Photo Card Box for Weddings (or Other Congratulatory Events)

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First off, a disclaimer . I didn't take any pictures of the one of these I built. The attached finished picture comes from a commercial site that sells these for around $60 (see link: I put mine together for <$30. If I come across a picture of mine somewhere, I will update this instructable. (Original box was loaned to friends and has since gone missing)

Although the following instructions outline a process that sounds like it would make a pretty "ghetto" card box, the outside finish is very nice (as its mostly just picture frames with a foamboard lid), and I have heard nothing but compliments about it. (It has now been used in 3 weddings)

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies Required:
4pcs 11" x 14" Picture Frames (I went with black ones)
1 sheet of black foamboard (roughly 3' x 4'...can get away with less but that's the smallest size I could find.)
8pcs 3/4" L-Brackets
Glue Gun with sticks
Construction Knife
Drill or Rotary Tool with a drill bit to match the screws that come with the L-Brackets
Screwdriver to match the screws that come with the L-Brackets.
Tape Measure
4 Pictures to fit the frames

Optional Supplies:
4 additional L-Brackets

Step 2: Construction Part 1

First you need to pre-drill holes for your screws. You are going to want to mount the L-brackets about 2-2.5 inches from the top and bottom of the frames. (See diagram 1) 

Once the holes are drilled, attach your L-brackets to connect your frames. Your goal here is to make a kind of box without a lid or bottom. (See diagram 2 showing outside view. Brackets are inside so as not to mess up the look, hence they are a dashed line...)

Step 3: Construction Part 2

Now that you have your box, measure your opening at either end. Using these measurements, cut 2 squares of foamboard. (One for the top and one for the bottom) Next, cut another square, roughly 1-2 inches bigger than the first 2 (for top layer of depends on how much overhang you want, if any), and a strip roughly 3-4 inches long by 1/2" high to use as a handle.

Now that you have your foamboard pieces cut, you can begin gluing them in place. Start by pushing one of the smaller square pieces into place. It should site about 1 inch from the bottom of the frames. Glue the foamboard in place here from the top and bottom. (For added support, you can add extra L-brackets at the center of each side to help hold the bottom in place)

For the lid, glue the smaller square to the center of the larger square. The idea here is that the smaller square sits into the box to keep the lid from sliding off. Once this is done, finish up by gluing the handle strip to the center of the lid.

Step 4: Add Photos

That's're done. ALl you need to do is add appropriate photos and you are good to go.

Again, I apologize for the lack of pictures, and will update this instructable if I find a picture of my own box, or if I get my original box back. 

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed this build.

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