Photo Cube Candle Holder

Introduction: Photo Cube Candle Holder

I wanted to make a gift for my mom that was personal and something she likes, I thought photo album?been there done that so then I thought... candles! but since she is in a nursing home with limited space and not allowed to have have fire (for obvious safety reasons) so this is what I came up with.. a photo cube candle holder with a battery operated tea light!

Step 1: Gather Materials

I got most of the items needed at the dollar tree (my favorite place for cheap craft supplies)

- Square candle holder( $1 dollar tree)

- Battery operated tea lights($1 for 2@dollar tree)

- Ruler

-exacto knife (or scissors)

-clear shipping labels,full sheets not pre-cut ($12 @ staples)

- essential oil ($1dollar tree)
-cotton rounds ($1 dollar tree)

Step 2: Print Out Your Pictures

Print out the pictures you want to use on the shipping labels, you can do color but I chose black and white. try and get them shrunk down close to the size of the square side you will be applying it to on the candle holder.

Step 3: Trim Your Picture

measure the side of the candle holder then measure your picture and trim off the excess so you pictures will fit perfectly.

Step 4: Peel and Stick

Peel of the backing starting with a corner, smooth the picture down as you go.

Step 5: *Optional* Add a Little Scent

One of the best things about lighting a candle is the subtitle pleasant scent. and I didn't want my mom to miss out on that so this was my solution.. I took a good amount of essential oil and poured it onto a cotton round then I placed it on the bottom of the candle holder then placed the candle on top! it wasn't an overwhelming scent but noticeable at a close distance.

Step 6: Your Done!

you can put pictures on one side or all sides & you can use a real tea light, totally up to you!! I think this would make a great grandparents gift!!

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