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How to make photo frame in the bottle?


Step 1: First We Prepare the Required Materials

First we prepare the required materials

  • a bottle
  • 4 pieces of wood for frame

Step 2: Prepare the Equipment

Prepare the equipment

  • Hacksaw
  • Cutter
  • Uhu adhesive
  • Ruler
  • 4 pieces of nails
  • 2 pieces of stick
  • scissor
  • pliers
  • drill

Step 3: Make the Frame

make 4 pieces of wood into a photo frame

Step 4: Make the Middle Line and Holes

give the middle line to include the photo

make the holes on each side of the frame to make it easier to assemble the frame inside the bottle

Step 5: Input the Pieces of Nails

input the pieces of nails in the frame A and D

Step 6: Input Frame A

input frame A into the bottom bottle, then input frame B, position the piece of nail frame A with frame B hole

Step 7: Input Frame B and C

input frame B, position the pieces of nail frame A with frame B hole, and also input frame C and position to the pieces of nail frame A with other side.

Step 8: Insert the Photo

insert the photo into the bottle in rolls, then input it into the frame

Step 9: Input Frame D

input frame D and position the piece of nail D with the holes of frame B and C

Step 10: Give Accesories

give accesories on the side of frame D to close the frame connection

Step 11: Decorate the Bottle Cap

cut the flannel and decorate the bottle cap

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    Thank's Swansong. I made the first this give (photo frame in the bottle) is 20 years ago. but it is the first share of photo frame in the bottle.