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Introduction: Photo Plank

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Easy, cheap and unique way to show off your favourite pics! or the perfect gift for those last minute, hard to find gifts...

Step 1: Set It Up

You'll need:
- your ideal pic printed onto tissue paper (use a light spray of adhesive to tack the tissue to card to be able to feed it through a printer)
- pva glue
- piece of pallet wood
- sandpaper for wood (medium)

Use whatever you have handy (I use my hands....but a brush or sponge is fine) to apply a layer of pva to a lightly sanded piece of wood (not too thick, just to cover the plank).
With your photo printed to size, move to the next step.....

Step 2: Make It Happen

Before you place the pic, be aware that as soon as the tissue touches the glue you will not be able to move it as it will tear immediately.... I suggest starting from one flat edge and slowly letting the tissue roll onto the glue.
You can use a dry foam roller or something else gentle enough to assist in placing the tissue without bubbles or creases; you'll get the hang of it! and don't fret too much, sometimes it adds to the look!

Once it's down, you can either very gently apply a layer of glue over the top, or wait until it dries to do so. I do it immediately as I feel if it dries along with the bottom layer it has a better bond (I could be wrong, that's just my preference).

Leave it dry 24 hours, give it a light sandpaper to remove any edges or rough areas.

Now you can add a hook for hanging, place it on a stand or even make something further out of it like a planter or a key hook!! The possibilities are up to you!

enjoy! :-D



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    9 Discussions

    Does the tissue easily peel off the paper you used to print?

    2 replies

    ah-ha! I am learning how to use this site more each day, thank you :D

    These are the pics of the tissue on paper and the printed tissue coming off; you just need to get a feel for it really.


    Hey Naffster, it does if you only lightly spray the card with adhesive, so it's only tacky. You only want to support it through the printer, it doesn't need much. I didn't have a pic for this one but there's a more detailed account in the 'Photo Candle' project if you want to see it :-D

    Ha yeah, took it of a couple of crazy friends of mine recently & made it as a gift!

    Thanks guys, it's very encouraging


    3 years ago

    This is so nice why don't you include it in a contest?

    1 reply

    Thankyou! I've only just found instructables so I'm still figuring out how it all work :-D