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Introduction: Photo Strip Bow

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Here's a super personalized gift wrap idea to give to someone you love! Have you done those silly photo booth photo strips with a friend before? Maybe you've done one in an actual booth, on your computer, or on your iPhone (that's what I did using the Incredibooth app for iPhone 4). Here's a way to make a great and really simple bow from that photo that your friend or family member will cherish and be amazed at. Here's how you do it!

Photo Booth Strip Holiday Bow DIY

– Computer with Photoshop
– scanner (if applicable)
– Color printer
– Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue®
– scissors
– embellishment for middle of bow (I used a button and a rhinestone)

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Step 1: Open Your Photostrip in Photoshop

Open up your photo strip (mine came in 4 frames via my Incredibooth iPhone app) or scan in your strip. If you don't have a photo strip, but have different poses of you and your loved one together, you can make your own faux photostrip using those photos in Photoshop. You will just need to make a new layer for each photo and stack them on top of each other to be 4 different poses.

Size down the photo strip so it's about 1/2" wide. Make it's own layer and duplicate that layer and move it down the page to make one long strip. Create a new group or set and drag these layers into this set. At this point, I put these layers into a group, copied that group, and then multiplied the groups across the page.

Step 2: Print and Cut Strips

Print out the page and cut the strips out.

Step 3: Make Loops

Use the Tacky Glue to make loops. Let dry.

Step 4: Pinch Loops and Form Bow.

Pinch the loops and glue in the middle. Stack the loops and glue together. I used 6 loops for my bow.

Step 5: Add Embellishment to Center

Finish your bow off by gluing on a button, rhinestone, or embellishment in the middle.

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