Photo and Video Business in Philadelphia, PA

I have been shooting photographs semi professionally for four years and I am looking to step up my game.  

Film projects:
The Kill Hole (2012) Assistant Editor

Dirty Night Clowns (music video) Gaffer

The Briefcase (2011) Second Unit Director

Please check out this video and my photo portfolio at

Proposed Budget: $25,000
$13,000 to new gear (lenses, flash, glidecam, camera bodies)
$4,000 for photo printer/printing
$1,000 to framing preparing for galleries
$1,000 for web site creation and maintenance
$4,000 for studio rental in Philadelphia
$2,000 for advertising

The right photo can change the world.

Thanks for watching and I wish everyone luck.

Dan "Danimal" Hagen



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