Photo Party Favor for a Wedding,birthday or Any Special Occasion.

Introduction: Photo Party Favor for a Wedding,birthday or Any Special Occasion.

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When looking for cost effective favors for a Quince (Birthday party for a 15 year old in spanish culture) I came up with this. Its an ornate easel with a photo. Real easy and cost effective.  

The chocolate initial favor will be posted in another instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Photo of guest of honor - 2up on 4x6
Computer and the internet or a good photo program
2 inch L Track- Cut in 2 inch pieces(Used for metal fencing, hurricane shutters, screen cages and windows)
5 inch roll lace
Thin ribbon
Spray paint (Krylon)
Self adhesive Rhinestones

Step 2: Setting Up the Pictures

This a 2up on 4x6. i did this so that I could print the pictures cheaply - 9 cents a print.
I did the set up on photoshop, but you could use any photo program that allows collages. You can also do an internet search for site that provide free photo editing.

Cut them with a cutter down the middle so you can put  two different pics on the easel.

I am the photograper of  these pictures, so I own the copyright. Make sure that if you are going to print a copyrighted picture at a lab, that you get the rights to do so. This way they don't give you a hard time about it.

Otherwise use snapshot you may have taken of the guest of honor.

Also, if they offer a  Matte, Luster or Satin finish, choose it, it  has a more polished look than the gloss finish.

Step 3: Arranging and Spraying Track Pieces

A note about the track pieces- You should be able to buy a length of track retail from a company that works with it or sells it. You should also be able to have them cut it for you for free or a low fee. Also, some companies may have scrap that is too small to work with for them, but can be cut down to serve the needs of this project. Ask nicely, they may just give it to you or sell it to you at a lower cost than the full track. These tracks normally come in 10 and 20 foot lenghts. Some hardware stores may carry them too.

Place the track pieces channel side down, like the ones in the back of the first picture. place the together so the form a solid surface, like a puzzle. Once you have done this, place your lace over the backs of the track pieces. the lace should blanket the backs of the tracks. Spray them in your color of choice, Let dry.

The second picture are the pieces spaced out and flipped back up after drying.

Step 4: Setting Stones and Tying Ribbon

Use self adhesive stones to decorate the top front of the track piece and tie a bow in the front channel using a piece of ribbon.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Place the picture on the easel and enjoy!!

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    4 years ago

    This is a computer generated picture.This is a great for any type of events.Nothing much to do,you just have to stand in front of a green screen and take a photo snap by the photographer and later the photo is edited by keeping wonderful,beautiful and your favorite pictures behind you. For example if you like Eiffel Tower,then after the photo snap, there will be a Eiffel Tower behind you and you will be standing in front of it. The people who are receiving the photo favor photos are very excited.