Photocell Circuit Multi-use

About: Im oNly a Boy 15 Years Old !!! I Love the Electronics !!! and all to Mechanic !! I Love Parkour!! And MA Pink Minion Girl!!

Here Is My Photocell circuit!! We Can Use It To Get Up With A Buzzer!!! Or Motors With Littles Adjust!!

Its so Usable!!                          Enjoy It!!!     When THe LDR Dont See LIgth THe LED Is Brithning And When You Put LIgth ON the LDR
                                                                       THe LED Will Turn OFf!!!

                                                Wee Can Save energy puting A relay enves de a LED and A lamp circuit to save energy!!!
                                                Green constest!!! I Love Nature!!!

10 Ohms resistor
10k resistor
220Ohms resistor
NPN transistor
PCB Board


Step 1: Turn and Use!!!

puT tHE bATTERY on The Jack An Automatly The LED Will Turn ON .When You PUt The LDR On LIgth The LED Will BE OFf!!

Step 2: KNow How It Function!!

The Circuit Is open Cause The transistor Is not saturate OF power!!! But When The LDR REcive LIgth The LDR MiniMise IT Resisitance and A Little voltage Arrive At the Transisitor BAse and He Close The circuit and The LED turn off!!



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