Photographer's Gloves

Introduction: Photographer's Gloves

I made these fingerless mittens for a photographer friend of mine. I had made Fetchings for myself, and realized some mods needed to be made after field testing them. I bought some soft and cozy Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Turquoise Mix and set off making this pair. I added interest with a offset cabling pattern, and made seed stitch palms for variety (and to make the right and left gloves easy to tell apart). I lengthened them so they almost reach the fingertips to keep the hands warmer (but fingertips free to press various tiny buttons on a camera), and added repeats on the wrists so that pesky sliver of skin between the sleeve and the glove is sure not to show. She loves the gloves, as do I. It was really hard to give them up, so I'm going to cast on another pair in the very near future!



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    Please do share pics of the process of making the next pair! They're gorgeous and I'd love to know how to knit a pair of my own.

    wow they look really cool, the other version on the small thumb pic, too. would also love to get the pattern for these, is it possible?

    I would also like a pattern for these...where can I get it?

    Is it possible to get a pattern,instructions for these?

    Hi is it possible to get the pattern for these new and improved fingerless gloves ? I really love them more that the "fetching" pattern. Thanks


    I once had a set of hunter's mittens with a flap covered hole in the palm allowing someone to pull a rifle trigger. Didn't use them for hunting if you're curious.

    This is exactly what I need! I always wanted my gloves longer at the wrists..

     This is the first time that I have seen fingerless mittens so well done.
    Snug and longer at the fingers.
    Please would you send me the pattern. I do need a pattern since i am new at knitting.

    Thanks so much! More yarn came in the mail yesterday and I've already cast on for another pair. Love your podcast, btw!

    So cool! Being a photographer myself I'll need to get my hands in these! Flawless work; they're awesome. I have an idea though for a future pair, maybe try making them like gloves instead of mittens? like have the individual finger holes for all 5 fingers instead of the thumb and leave the ends off so they're fingerless gloves instead of mittens? Maybe try it one day and see if it would be warmer. Just an idea.

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    Thanks! I say go for it - if you have an idea give it a try! I made them more like mittens for her since she has teeny hands and she can ball them up inside when her fingers aren't needed. They're great - I'm itching to get some yarn for me and make myself a pair!

    Those are really beautiful. You are very talented to be able to make these without a pattern! Love the teal blue color!

    Nice job, these are amazing! I would love to have a pair, these are great! +1 rating.