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Introduction: Photography Reflector Stand

Hello guys, if you are a portrait photographer you will definitely need a light reflector so you get some awesome lighting for your models.

Only one thing annoying about the reflectors, you always need someone to hold it for you or you have to spend some more money buying really expensive stand which you can make for almost no cost.

So, lets get started and make our own stand.

Note : This project was made by Mahdi AlBrahem and Jafar AlObaid in FABALAB Dhahran.


مقدمه :

في هذا الدرس سوف نقوم بعمل حامل لعاكس التصوير. سوف نقوم بتصميم الحامل بحيث يمكن التحكم بالارتفاع و الدوران للعاكس.

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Step 1: Requirements

For this project we will need the followings :

  • MDF wood ( 12mm thickness).
  • M8 - Screws.

  • Wood glue.

We will also need a CNC machine to cut the project.

and we will use 1/8" two flutes CNC bit.


المتطلبات :

سوف نحتاج في هذا المشروع الى التالي:

  • خشب بسُمك 12 مم
  • مجموعة من براقي مقاس إم 8
  • صمغ خشب

سوف يتم قص المشروع عن طريق آلة السي ان سي

وسوف نستخدم شفرة بمقاس 1/8 انش

Step 2: 2D Design

We designed the stand so that we can slide it up and down to control the height. We also made the horizontal arm flexible so we can tilt it almost 90 degrees to both directions right and left.

As far as the dimensions concerned the height is always 1m and the width for the arm is almost 80cm.

Attached with this step all the designs and the cutting settings we used.


التصميم الثنائي الأبعاد:

تم تصميم الحامل بحيث يمكن تحريكه بمقدار 90 درجة لليمين و اليسار

وكذلك يمكن تحريك للاعلى و الاسفل

ارتفاع الحامل سوف يكون 1 متر و الذراع 80 سم

مرفق مع هذه الخطوة التصميم

Step 3: Assembling the Project

Once we done with the cutting we will assemble all the parts:

  1. We will glue the base.
  2. We will attache the vertical stand with the base. To hold it very strong we used L shaped joint.
  3. For the horizontal arm we used M8 - Screws to attached them together.

We tested the stand and it works just fine.

and that's all about it :)


تركيب المشروع

  • في البداية سوف نقوم بغراء القاعده
  • بعدها سوف نثبت العمود
  • و بعدها سيتم تثبيت الذراع التي سوف يتم تركيب العاكس عليه

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    3 years ago

    Do you think you could upload some detailed shots of this project? Specifically of the up and down motion of the reflector on the vertical shaft and how the reflector tilts?

    also what holds the reflector to the horizontal shaft? thanks