Photography Studio (On the Cheap)




Introduction: Photography Studio (On the Cheap)

Here is my home made photography studio!

For lighting (which is usually most expensive):

Two work clamp lamps (<15 total)
A funky old lamp with bendable fixtures
a tilted flourescent hanging lamp (tilted with a chain bolted to the ceiling.

For the Backdrop: 
Large white muslin cloth (From local craft store) (<30)
a large wooden beam.
Bike Hooks
Strong staples.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oimi - you can probably find the parts for that at a Tesco's in the UK. I looked at the "DIY and Home" section online and didn't see shop lights but they have workbenches so they probably have those as well. Here in the US we buy the parts separately - the socket on the cord is one, the aluminium hood screws onto that and is another and the bulb is the last - and I bet you have them there too. I use the twisty energy-saver bulbs that put out 150W or a cold flourescent that will do the same level and you can experiment with light choices you have - Tesco's has some energy saving halogen bulbs on their site that look interesting. I would stick with bulbs like the energy savers and flourescents that don't get hot, less danger.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Any hardware store! Walmart and Target may even have them as well!