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Photography using camera smartphone, maybe ear impossible, but if you creative use camera your smartphone this not impossible.

you only need phone with camera 2 megapixel or more pixel. and app camera what you like.

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Step 1: What You Think About Take Picture ?

before take picture, first time you must think about what your art ? in here about thing macro and little object .

here i use smartphone china with camera little pixel, maybe VGA.

for make picture look pretty good, i use lens macro ( you can buy from online store like amazon ).

what you needed for it ?

1. lens macro

2. little object

3. white paper ( for using base)

Step 2: Photography Macro

for this trick you can take picture without lens macro if your camera smartphone have auto focus, but if nothing auto focus i suggest you attach lens macro on front camera.

before take the picture, you must find angel and light for good images. if you will take picture little animal like bee, ant, butterfly, dragonfly and etc. i suggest you must take picture in morning, maybe 8-9 clock.

this my picture take it on the garden, using lens macro and default camera app.

Step 3: Take Picture With Default Camera App

this image take with camera smartphone and attach lens macro on front camera.

for this trick i no use lighting, i only using light a room. and for base i using white paper.

Step 4: Take Picture With Third Party Camera App

this my picture take it using third party camera app using pure hdr camera (you can download on google play).

this app rich effect like lighting, texture, and etc. but if you take picture with this app you must hold steady, because this app take 3 picture with different exposure and 3 picture will merge. after the proses done you can edit contrast, warm, saturation, light, effect and what you want.

if you using this app i suggest you must using holder.

okey thanks you so much, and i'm sorry if my language so bad :)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable. About your English, I am not enlish either, but there is a saying, "Don't laugh at people speaking with a strange accent (or in this case spelling and vocab), they can speak another (extra) language".

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