Photon Generator Add-on for Helping Hands

My previous "Instructable" showed an easy way to add a base to a "helping hands" fixture, to make it more useful.

This add-on, will assist those who would like to see what they are working on.

Step 1: The Parts...

My "store bought" "helping hands" came with a magnifying glass attachment. I personally found this more of a hindrance than a help, and quickly discarded it. However, being raised frugally, I have learned never to throw away anything that may be useful in the future. Usually when using the "helping hands", holding the work stationary was nice, but seeing, what I was holding, was nicer still.

The "helping hands" fixture uses brackets, connected with bolts and wing nuts, to hold its attachments.

For my "Photon Generator" (flash light), I simply used what was already there, and a couple of simple parts:

A round head screw, a nut, and a hose clamp. Modifications required were to drill a hole in the hose clamp to accept the screw.

Step 2: The Assembly

This is really the "hard part". Find a screw with a round head and a nut that fits it.

Drill a hole in the hose clamp that will allow the screw to pass through.

Clamp the screw and nut assembly around a flashlight,.

The head of the screw will fit into the clamping assembly of the "helping hands", where the magnifying glass used to be..

(I used a shorter screw in my assembly to position the flashlight).

Step 3: Using the Photon Generator

No problem here.

Turn on the "generator" and point it it at what you want to see..

A comment from the author....

Having been a "tinkerer", and "experimenter" all of my life,... I have learned to appreciate little tips and techniques, such as these.

Faced with a problem, I try to break it down into its simplest elements and see if there are practical ways to solve the problem.

While many are trying to think "outside of the box", I have yet to find where the box exists...

Let there be light!



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