Photoshop CS6: No Nose Creepy People

Introduction: Photoshop CS6: No Nose Creepy People

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That's right we are going to get lord Voldemort  in here with this tutorial. All jokes aside people are creepy when something like eyes, eyebrows, and noses have been removed due to the fact that our eyes are so use to things like noses and eyes being there that when there not it creeps use out. Also this can be a great prank if you can pull it off but you could got a friends house take there pictures the may have in the house and scan them with a pocket scanner or do it in your own home then come and edit the photo and leave it out back in its frame and see what happens when someone notices the photo XD.

Also if YOU really wanna go for the lulz make a family portrait and hang it up as a prop.

To be awesome ima include the .psd file but I dont know how much it will help 
 I also labeled the before and after photos with tags.

Step 1: "Blanking the Face"

"blanking the face"  as i like to call it is really just taking advantage of the amazing contents aware fill that Photoshop cs6 & 5 have though cs 6 is a bit better at it from what i have seen.
  • make sure you have a duplicate layer of your subject
  • use the circle select tool 
  • right click inside the circle and on the menu go to fill
  • another menu  will pop up were it says contents and inside that box will be use: use the drop down menu content aware and that is it
  • small circles over and over again
This use to be really time consuming because you would have to use the clone stamp tool, but yay for content aware fill.

Step 2: Assets

we need the Eyes and mouth but not the nose.
  • click the lasso tool
  • circle the the area need to be selected 
  • right click selection 
  • click on " Layer Via Copy"
  • repeat for the mouth.
  • look at the pictures :D

Step 3: Moving and Sizing

Now that we have are Clint Eastwood parts its time to move them around and re-size some of them if need be.
  • both mouth and nose should be on separate layers of there own
  • Hide the mouth layer by left clicking the eyeball next to the layer
  • then take the eyes and lower them till they are about the same level as where the nose should be
  • then using the eraser tool with a round brush with zero hardness to erase the hard edges and blend in the eyes
  • hide the eyes
  • on the mouth turn down the opacity to around 50-60%
  • then hit ctrl+t or for mac its command+t to enter into Free transform mode
  • then en large the mouth take the picture 6 as an example
  • then using the eraser tool with a round brush with zero hardness to erase the hard edges and blend in the mouth
  • now un-hide the eyse and make final adjustments to where this belong and make sure to clen up any lose ends with the erase tool.

Step 4: After Word


I hope my tutorial is easy to understand i am trying it out with others by using bullets to group up steps that go together in one slide, please tell me what you think of my instructable and leave comments and or pictures of your edit.

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6 years ago

How do i do this on an Android !!


7 years ago on Introduction

Amazing instructable , I will try to reproduce it to see if it works for me too :-)

Clint is pretty creepy to start with !!! Funny you can tell its him even without the middle section of his face. Great instructable , Thanks for posting !