Photoshop UI Design Tutorial | Analytics Dashboard Design

Introduction: Photoshop UI Design Tutorial | Analytics Dashboard Design

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Designing UI's in Photoshop has been a process which is being going through from a very long time. Earlier designs have changed with time, and these changes can be seen very clearly. The design pattern that most people follow these days is the Flat UI design system. Which uses Light and cool colors. These designs are made keeping the fact in mind that user can work for hours without stressing himself with sharp and catchy colors. Adobe Photoshop is a widely used software used for designing Apps, webdesigns and all sorts of print and digital designs. In this video we are getting our hands on the tutorial for making a UI dashboard design. E commerce industry is increasing with a boom, and for product management and audience management people require such kind of Analytical UI's. With this video I have explained in detail how we can create some really cool Analytical Tools for a Dashboard Design. We have covered how we can create icons for web designs. This is a really detailed video and it will definitely give you something new to learn. You can also check other Graphic Videos on this channel "Graphic Workers". Mobile App Design Tutorial : like and subscribe for more cool and free Adobe Photoshop tutorials.Comment below for any queries. :)For work related queries mail us at

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