Physics Illiustrator for Tablet PC's, on a NON-tablet PC!


Introduction: Physics Illiustrator for Tablet PC's, on a NON-tablet PC!

So, last week, I was fishing around on yourtube, and found this video.

Step 1: I Gotta Have It!!

After viewing that video I knew I had to have it, I I went on a wild goose chase, looking at forum posts stating it is impossible to download the program, because it was a "Strictly MIT professor " piece of software. upon further digging, I found it :D. I downloaded it from and upon instalation, discovered, it was for tablet PC's ONLY! so I dug and i dug, and I dug some more, and found it's source code, posted on microsoft's website! ( found here
I was able to compile it using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, add a few things, and it now runs on any PC! So in this instructable, I will show you in detail, how to download the source, convert, compile, and run the program.

Step 2: Get What You Need

You will need the source code -
You will also need the compiler - get the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
You will need MS Journal Viewer, or else you will get all kinds of un-pleasant errors. -

Step 3: Install, and Compile

Ok, now once you have installed the studio, and journal viewer, you will want to unzip the source to an easily accessible folder, then right click the folder, go to properties, then uncheck the "read only" box, set the permissions for all files in that folder, click apply, then ok. now that just set permissions for the compiler to edit all the files. Next you will want to run the compiler, and open the project labeled "Physicsillustrator" it will need to convert the files, allow it to do so, by following directions given to you by it. then you will want to go "Build (the tab)>Publish PhysicsIllustrator" a window should pop up, click next, and check the box labeled "From a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM" then click next again. check the box labeled "The application will not check for updates" then click next, and finish.

Step 4: Run and Use, WOOT!

Ta-Da! you have successfuly compiled physics illustrator. to install the compiled program, open the file "setup.exe" and install the software. you may now use Physics illustrator on any computer, meeting, or exceeding these specifications:Windows XP SP2, 600 mhz processor, 256 ram. You may download the end product
HERE](If link is broken, please contact me!!!)
I am not sure of it's compatibility with Vista, please let me know how it goes.


**UPDATE** sorry about the long wait for the finished product, all links are operational now.



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    Can you please post the link for your non-tablet? I'm so thankful you took your time to compile it to get around MS's forcing you to use it on a tablet. I want a copy. Please post the link here.

    sorry about all the comments but any way another great program like this is Phun just Google it and its free!

    1 reply

    yes phun is great and doesnt require compiling, also could some one compile this and just zip and upload it to some file share?

    Hey I love it. Thank you for your deep desire of knowledge that keep this site so unique. Keep doing it, you are good at it.

    1 reply

    Yes i got it to work, i had to burn it to a cd, so that i could install it. Is there any way for me to draw springs? Id doesnt seam to work.

    2 replies

    yes, the link ( will go directly to a working verision. you will still need the latest .net framework, and journal viewer

    Windows.... blah... Somebody on porting/remaking it for Mono? And finaly, not much of an instructable.

    5 replies

    Oh, okay. that makes sense. I am unsure of how to do it. perhaps you could do it, and colaborate it with this instructable?

    Unfortunaetly as far as I would like to see this on an open platform, as far I don't have the knowledge to do this :/ That's why I asked about somebody porting it at first.